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Whether it's a playful gift for a friend, a hilarious surprise for a celebration, or a quirky way to say 'I love you', we're here to add a splash of humour to life's special occasions.



1. Pick A Dick

Simply choose your preferred plushie dick from our growing selection.

2. Customize your Dick-O-Gram message

Pick a witty message from one of our custom notes to adorn your dick's sac.

3. Finalize your purchase

Once you've picked your dick and message, complete the 'shipping to' details and complete your purchase.

4. Your Dick-O-Gram gets Shipped and Delivered for you!

We will package your dick and sac in a discreet box and send it out on your behalf.


As legend has it, Dick-O-Gram originated in Eve’s garden where Adam liked to hang out. While looking for something to do, Adam decided that Eden needed to be spiced up. Using a rib, his snake and an apple, Adam created Dick-O-Gram, which excited Eve as her garden had never experienced such blooms! As Dick-O-Gram grew, so did the legend and the smiles on faces.


With each custom message carefully crafted and each PACKAGE delivered, we will bring a smile, chuckle, and maybe even a blush or two, with each reveal. 

And with its soft, huggable fury design and customizable dust sac, this plush dick is more than just a gag gift—it's a guaranteed smile-inducer and experience creator! 

You’ll wish you were there when your “O Gram” was delivered!

Order your 10-inch customizable plush dick today and get ready to deliver laughter, smiles and a one-of-a-kind experience to your friend, family member or colleague (just not HR!)!

Now, the only question is... who are you sending one to first???